Step 1

Roaming activated?

Ensure before leaving Vanuatu that the roaming option is activated on your mobile phone.

Just call the Hotline 081111 for activation within two working days when you need it.

Once activated, its remains activated until you request to stop it.

Step 2

Connecting to a new network

When you arrived in a new country, restart your mobile. The mobile will then search for a new network with our roaming partners

You can also choose from the network setting in your mobile phone to select a network manually or automatically. Automatic selection chooses the best network in coverage. Manual selection allows you to stay on the network that you wish to.

To change the setting, go in:

Menu > Setting > phones setting > operator selection

Step 3

Rate and usage

Once your phone is connected to a roaming partner’s network, you can call, send SMS and use data roaming. Rates depend on the country you are roaming to. Please ensure to check our latest roaming table rate available on our website before leaving the country.

For data roaming: You can choose to switch on or switch off data roaming in your mobile phone data setting. If you do not want to use data on roaming, you can switch it off. You can experience WIFI connection where you have the coverage even when data roaming is switched off.

For SMS, in case of any issue, check your SMS setting. Go in message settings, the SMSC number should be +6787000030

Step 4


The details of your roaming usage will appear on your next bill. However, you may from time to time receive the details one month later depending on the date we are receiving the details from our roaming partners.


  • Store your number in an international format. This helps you to use your phone without needing to add international codes. E.g. Store numbers using the + before the country code when you add them to your address book. So 7711223 would be stored as +678 7711223 to make roaming call easily
  • You can access your voice mail while abroad by calling +678 26179. Call will be charged at roaming standard rates ( Call back to Vanuatu)
  • If you have any issue using roaming abroad, you can call our customer care +678 7781111

Travelling has never been so easy with Vodafone roaming

Vodafone is always working with its roaming partners to have more destinations and better tariffs for its customer to make saving

Where are you travelling to? Zone PrivilegeAustralia Fiji New Zealand Group 1Papua New Guinea Group 2USA Canada Group 3France New Caledonia Singapore Group 4Rest of the World
Call Vanuatu 71 76 134 178 223
Call National 57 76 90 90 178
Call Rest of World 178 178 178 223 356
Satellite 1423 1423 1423 1423 1423
Incoming call 45 67 67 82 90
SMSMO 18 36 36 36 36
SMSMT 0 0 0 0 0
Data (MB)* 89 182 446 892 1775

* Calls are charged per min. Data is charged per 10Kb. All the above prices are VAT exclusive

(VAT will be charged separately).

Click here to view the list of countries available on roaming with Vodafone

Click here to view the list of operators in the country available on roaming with Vodafone

Click here to view the list of operators who can roam on Vodafone network.