Vodafone Vanuatu is now equipped with the new and innovative product called M-Vatu. M-Vatu is our mobile money service that allows customers to carry out financial transactions securely from their mobile phones.
Providing a convenient, affordable, reliable, fast and secure service.
With over 10,000 Ni-Vans working through the RSE Schemes, We have also invested in international money remittance making it easier for your families and friends to send funds from Australia (Other countries to be enabled) directly to your M-vatu accounts.

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500 - 10,000
>10,001 - 30,000
>30,001 - 100,000

How to register?

  • Visit Vodafone shop or agents with all documents required for registration.Bring at least one of the following ID: Passport, VNPF card, Drivers license or National ID card
  • Registration process with customer care agent
  • Customer care agent will confirm that registration is completed
  • You will receive activation code on your Mobile phone
  • Dial and call 120 or *120# to activate your M-VATU account
  • Enter your activation code
  • Enter your new 4 Digit Secret Pin
  • Your account has been activated
  • Now you can access M-VATU menu by dialing *120# & call

How to top up E-Money?

  • To top up E-Money, visit an M-vatu agent
  • Request E-money top-up
  • Provide your phone number to the agent
  • Make a cash deposit amount to top-up as E-money into your account
  • You will receive a notification confirming your transaction (Note: There is no transaction fee)

How to send Money?

  • Dial *120#
  • Select Option 1 (Send money)
  • Enter your 4 digit secret Pin
  • Enter receiver mobile number
  • Enter amount to send
  • Select option 1 to confirm transaction
  • Sender shall receive successful transaction SMS notification

How to withdraw Money?

  • Dial *120#
  • Select option 2 (Withdraw Cash)
  • Enter your 4 digit secret Pin
  • Enter agent number
  • Enter withdrawal amount
  • Select 1 to confirm transaction
  • Receiver will receive successful transaction SMS notification

How to buy credit?

  • Dial *120#
  • Chose Option 3 (Buy credit). Choose 1(To rifill your phone) or 2 (To rifill another phone)
  • Enter your secret Pin.
  • Enter credit amount.
  • Enter mobile Number.
  • Confirm payment,press 1 (YES) or 2 (NO).

How to pay bill?

  • Dial *120#
  • Select option 4 (Bill Payment & Utilities)
  • Select option 1 (Vodafone Bill Pay)
  • Enter your Sectret PIN
  • Enter your Customer Number (Vodafone Customer Number)
  • Enter the Month and the Year of your Bill
  • Successful transation - customer will recive SMS notification

Download the User Guide here

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